ModelLive Load (SWL)SpeedHPServiceMSRP
CM-SE 300300 lbs0-200fpm1120V 1ph 20A$6995
CM-GP 500500 lbs0-125fpm1120V 1ph 20A$6995
CM- GP 750750 lbs0-100fpm1120V 1ph 20A$6995
CM- EL12501250 lbs0-20fpm.5120V 1ph 20A$6995
CM- HD20002000 lbs10fpm.5120V 1ph 20A$6995


Capacities listed include the total mass that can be suspended from the pipe batten as a safe working load. Please note that these capacities include the weight of the batten, wire rope, turn buckles, etc. This is not the case with most other manufacturers, who list a counterweight capacity of 1000lbs but only have a SWL of 800lbs of actual scenery.

Safety featureS

  • Dual encoders (absolute and incremental) for extreme precision
  • Primary motor brake
  • Secondary bi-directional centrifugal brake
  • Software defined travel limits
  • Redundant hard struck ultimate travel limits
  • Data logging & storage
  • Category 0 emergency stop
  • Safe-torque off (“STO”)
  • Onboard diagnostics (VFD, encoder, and other fault statuses)
  • Inspection/service indicator
  • Factor of safety exceeds 8:1 for all drive components
  • Meets and/or exceeds all relevant standards including ANSI E1.6-1-2019 ESTA standard for Entertainment Technology – Powered Hoist Systems